Welcome to the Werks!

Bryan Deel Timberwerks, located in Charleston, South Carolina, focuses on developing creative partnerships to help you realize your vision.   By combining new and old methods and materials, we are able to create contemporary furniture and home designs comfortable in both traditional and modern spaces.

Home and Commercial Projects

Numbered and sectioned pegged mortise and tenon

For building projects, demolition is just as important as the construction.   What is removed, and rot free, will be considered in the finish design process.  While this is in keeping with today’s green ethos, it also creates a great design aesthetic.  The juxtaposition of the old materials with new construction readily softens the transition and avoids the problem of new construction failing to enhance the old.

That said, we are more than happy to match the old, also.  For homes that need to retain their historic details, we have the resources and experience to address your interior and exterior trim concerns, BAR approved additions, and general upgrades.

Furniture Projects

Furniture pieces readily lend themselves to reusing materials.   Wood, metal, masonry, and glass can be combined in wonderful ways, and we are very lucky to live in a community with plenty of resources in those areas.  Have an idea you are having trouble articulating, some old pieces you would like to combine, or a space you need to fill, but no ideas?  Let’s sit down and find the solution.